I'm excited I have the privilege to be a part of LoLo - Locals Supporting Locals.   Through the program I am able to gift a monthly coupon for a FREE item, to a local business.  It is a win-win for you, me, and the business!

When you redeem your gift, we’re giving back to our community! And don’t worry, the local businesses are paid back for these gifts.  The goal is to help our community grow awareness of local businesses and help them out.  You have 90 days to use the coupon.

The gifts are digital and delivered right to your phone, making them a breeze to redeem.  When you’re ready to redeem, take your phone to the featured merchant and pull up the link to view the gift and use it then!


Local Businesses are Important to us for many reasons. 

Take a Look at just a few.


Why Support Local Business?

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Small and local businesses play a vital role in sustaining our communities.

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Many small businesses specialize in traditional crafts and practices such as art and culinary goods.  By supporting them, we help to preserve these traditions.

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Small shops are often a source of unique and creative products that can't be found anywhere else. This makes the world a little more interesting.

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When we shop at local small businesses, we're not just supporting the owners, but also the people they employ. By doing so, we help to create jobs and boost the local economy, which benefits everyone in the community.


Supporting small and local businesses is an investment in the future. When they thrive it contributes a more sustainable and equitable economic future.

Sample of the types of monthly gifts in the LoLo program for my clients.

If you are not part of my monthly LoLo program and would like to be, just contact me for next steps.

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