Buying a Home May 21, 2024

How Many Homes Should You See Before Buying?

“How Many Homes Should I See Before Buying One?”

It Depends (But Here’s How to Find Your Perfect One Faster)

Struggling to figure out how many houses to see before buying? You’re not alone! Some people find “the one” right away, while others take a wider search. The truth is, there’s no magic number. But there is a way to make your house-hunting tours efficient and avoid decision fatigue.

Target Your Search and Save Time

Before you start scheduling showings, take some time to solidify your priorities. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Identify Must-Haves and Nice-to-Haves: Make a list separating essential features (number of bedrooms, location) from desired but flexible ones (backyard space, home office). This helps you focus on houses that truly meet your needs.
  • Budget Like a Boss: Knowing your financial limitations is crucial. Get pre-approved for a mortgage to understand your exact buying power. This steers you clear of houses outside your price range, saving valuable time.
  • Craft the Perfect Tour: Work with your realtor to curate a list of houses that tick most of your must-have boxes. This targeted approach ensures your tours are productive and you’re not wasting time on unsuitable properties.

Listen to Your Gut (It Knows What It Wants!)

While a house might seem perfect on paper, it might lack a certain “it” factor. On the other hand, a place that wasn’t on your initial radar could surprise you with its charm and potential. Don’t underestimate the power of intuition!

The Bottom Line: Finding Your Perfect Place

The number of houses you see is less important than feeling confident in your final decision. By being prepared with a clear plan and budget, you’ll be well-equipped to recognize your perfect home when you find it. In other words, If you find a house that checks all your boxes and feels like “home,” don’t hesitate to put in an offer!

The Takeaway:

To put it another way, there’s no magic number of houses you have to see before making a move. Therefore, you should trust your gut and be confident in your decision.

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Video Transcript:


I know. Looking for a house can feel like one of the longest workouts you’ve had.

Just did my morning workout and it got me thinking about how home buyers start the process. They quickly realize it takes effort and planning to get what they really want.

It’s not just as simple as popping into a house, saying “This is the one,” and walking away with the keys. There’s quite a bit more involved.

Did you know the average buyer visits 10 homes over 10 weeks before finding “the one”?

But 10 isn’t a magic number. You might see one home at an open house and know it’s the one, or it could take more than 10 tours to narrow down your choices.

We’ll talk about wish lists and the “80/10/10 rule” in another video.

Whether it’s love at first sight or a curated selection process, I’m here to guide you to your dream home with my expertise and knowledge.

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